Thursday, November 27, 2014

Turbo the very special kiwi

We have been learning all about Turbo the special kiwi at Pukaha Mount Bruce. We have learnt lots of interesting facts about kiwi. A big thank you to Dom for sharing all his knowledge about kiwi.

Here is a link to Pukaha Mount Bruce website ....

Author Dom wrote:
Do you know who Turbo is? Turbo is a very special type of kiwi. He was born in the hatching room at Mount Bruce. He only took 3 hours instead of 3 days to hatch. Turbo lives in the kiwi house at Pukaha Mount Bruce with Manukura the white kiwi. When they are babies they eat bugs and snails. I always go to Mount Bruce with my nan. Kiwi are nocturnal which means they come out at night and sleep at day. Kiwi have wings but they are tiny and so can’t fly. Protect kiwi because they are our number one bird!

Author Jordan wrote:
Tap! Tap! Tap! Do you who Turbo is? Turbo is a young special kiwi chick who took 3 hours to hatch. They normally take 3 days. Turbo hatched at Pukaha Mount Bruce in the hatching room. Turbo is a brown kiwi chick. When baby kiwi are born in the forest they eat pebbles and twigs. The white kiwi called Manukura lives with Turbo. When baby kiwi are hatching in Pukaha Mount Bruce in the sanctuary they are safe. Kiwi have their nose on their bill. Kiwi predators are cats, dogs, stoats and ferrets. They eat huhu grubs, cockroaches, snails and berries. Kiwi are nocturnal which means they sleep in the day time and play and feed in the night time. Kiwi have to hide their burrow so the predators do not find the burrows so they can’t eat them.

Author Gwen wrote:
Crack! went Turbo in his egg. Normally, other kiwi crack out of their shell in 3 whole days but Turbo cracked out in 3 hours. Turbo eats snails, beetles, grubs, cockroaches and berries. He lives in Pukaha Mount Bruce which is a sanctuary for kiwi to keep safe. Did you know that in the wild a baby kiwi first meal is pebbles and twigs but lucky for Turbo he gets yummy food. Turbo has eyes on the side of his face. Do you know what nocturnal means? It means kiwi sleep in the day and at night they play and explore the forest to find food. They can’t fly like other birds because their wings are too small. Have you ever had a kiwi at your place?

Author Keagan wrote:
Turbo the fluffy brown kiwi hatched out of an egg in 3 hours instead of 3 days. He is the best kiwi in the world. Turbo is the fastest at hatching. He lives in Mount Bruce where it is safe for the baby kiwi and adult kiwi to live. Kiwi eat snails and berries and also huhu grubs too and cockroaches too. Turbo is an omnivore. There enemies are the dogs and cats and ferrets but mostly dogs. They put up traps to help the kiwi. People care for kiwi and you should to. You can help kiwi by locking your gates and keeping your cats inside.

Author Ayden wrote:
Do you know who Turbo is? Turbo is a tiny kiwi that is a special brown kiwi. Turbo is the fastest kiwi to hatch because he hatched in only 3 hours, most take 3 days. Tap! Tap! As Turbo started to hatch. Turbo lives at Pukaha Mount Bruce sanctuary which is a good pace for kiwi to hatch and grow. He eats worms and cockroaches with his bill. Did you know that kiwi are our national bird? They are nocturnal that means they sleep in the day time and play and look for food at night. Kiwi can smell food that is 3 centimetres underground. They snort and snuffle to blow dirt out of their nostrils. There are more than 100 little spotted kiwi on Kapiti Island.

Author Caitlin wrote:
Do you know who Turbo is? Turbo is a quiet brown kiwi who hatched in 3 hours but normally kiwi hatch in 3 days. That’s why they named him Turbo. Tap! Tap! the egg hatched at the hatchery in an incubator. When Turbo is old enough the people who work at the hatchery will set him free into a special place called a sanctuary at Pukaha Mount Bruce. Turbo is a very lucky little kiwi because when he was born he ate snails, beetles, grubs, cockroaches and berries because normally when kiwi are born in the forest they eat pebbles and twigs. Turbo is an omnivore and he is nocturnal. Nocturnal means he sleeps in the day and plays in the night and also discovers food in the night. Kiwi burrows are hidden just underneath the ferns and scrub. Two species of kiwi are the white kiwi and the brown kiwi.


  1. WOW!!!! Room 14 your stories are fantastic

  2. Awesome stories rm14! Little turbo looks soooo cute! I like how you've used lots of facts in your writing. Did you know that my Aunty Cherrie works with Kiwi's as well? I've even got to hold a few. Excelent wok guys Ka pai!