Thursday, November 27, 2014

Turbo the very special kiwi

We have been learning all about Turbo the special kiwi at Pukaha Mount Bruce. We have learnt lots of interesting facts about kiwi. A big thank you to Dom for sharing all his knowledge about kiwi.

Here is a link to Pukaha Mount Bruce website ....

Author Dom wrote:
Do you know who Turbo is? Turbo is a very special type of kiwi. He was born in the hatching room at Mount Bruce. He only took 3 hours instead of 3 days to hatch. Turbo lives in the kiwi house at Pukaha Mount Bruce with Manukura the white kiwi. When they are babies they eat bugs and snails. I always go to Mount Bruce with my nan. Kiwi are nocturnal which means they come out at night and sleep at day. Kiwi have wings but they are tiny and so can’t fly. Protect kiwi because they are our number one bird!

Author Jordan wrote:
Tap! Tap! Tap! Do you who Turbo is? Turbo is a young special kiwi chick who took 3 hours to hatch. They normally take 3 days. Turbo hatched at Pukaha Mount Bruce in the hatching room. Turbo is a brown kiwi chick. When baby kiwi are born in the forest they eat pebbles and twigs. The white kiwi called Manukura lives with Turbo. When baby kiwi are hatching in Pukaha Mount Bruce in the sanctuary they are safe. Kiwi have their nose on their bill. Kiwi predators are cats, dogs, stoats and ferrets. They eat huhu grubs, cockroaches, snails and berries. Kiwi are nocturnal which means they sleep in the day time and play and feed in the night time. Kiwi have to hide their burrow so the predators do not find the burrows so they can’t eat them.

Author Gwen wrote:
Crack! went Turbo in his egg. Normally, other kiwi crack out of their shell in 3 whole days but Turbo cracked out in 3 hours. Turbo eats snails, beetles, grubs, cockroaches and berries. He lives in Pukaha Mount Bruce which is a sanctuary for kiwi to keep safe. Did you know that in the wild a baby kiwi first meal is pebbles and twigs but lucky for Turbo he gets yummy food. Turbo has eyes on the side of his face. Do you know what nocturnal means? It means kiwi sleep in the day and at night they play and explore the forest to find food. They can’t fly like other birds because their wings are too small. Have you ever had a kiwi at your place?

Author Keagan wrote:
Turbo the fluffy brown kiwi hatched out of an egg in 3 hours instead of 3 days. He is the best kiwi in the world. Turbo is the fastest at hatching. He lives in Mount Bruce where it is safe for the baby kiwi and adult kiwi to live. Kiwi eat snails and berries and also huhu grubs too and cockroaches too. Turbo is an omnivore. There enemies are the dogs and cats and ferrets but mostly dogs. They put up traps to help the kiwi. People care for kiwi and you should to. You can help kiwi by locking your gates and keeping your cats inside.

Author Ayden wrote:
Do you know who Turbo is? Turbo is a tiny kiwi that is a special brown kiwi. Turbo is the fastest kiwi to hatch because he hatched in only 3 hours, most take 3 days. Tap! Tap! As Turbo started to hatch. Turbo lives at Pukaha Mount Bruce sanctuary which is a good pace for kiwi to hatch and grow. He eats worms and cockroaches with his bill. Did you know that kiwi are our national bird? They are nocturnal that means they sleep in the day time and play and look for food at night. Kiwi can smell food that is 3 centimetres underground. They snort and snuffle to blow dirt out of their nostrils. There are more than 100 little spotted kiwi on Kapiti Island.

Author Caitlin wrote:
Do you know who Turbo is? Turbo is a quiet brown kiwi who hatched in 3 hours but normally kiwi hatch in 3 days. That’s why they named him Turbo. Tap! Tap! the egg hatched at the hatchery in an incubator. When Turbo is old enough the people who work at the hatchery will set him free into a special place called a sanctuary at Pukaha Mount Bruce. Turbo is a very lucky little kiwi because when he was born he ate snails, beetles, grubs, cockroaches and berries because normally when kiwi are born in the forest they eat pebbles and twigs. Turbo is an omnivore and he is nocturnal. Nocturnal means he sleeps in the day and plays in the night and also discovers food in the night. Kiwi burrows are hidden just underneath the ferns and scrub. Two species of kiwi are the white kiwi and the brown kiwi.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Capacity Party

Today, we had a capacity party with Room 8. We worked in small groups to figure out lots of different party problems.

We learnt that ml = millilitres and is a way to measure liquid
1 litre = 1000mls
1 cup= 250 mls
1/2 cup = 125 mls
1 teaspoon = 5 mls

g = grams and is a way to measure how heavy something is.

Figuring out how much a lemon ways
Building a lolly basket
Measuring tomato sauce
Making cakes
Measuring out tomato sauce
Working out how much leftovers we could fit into the container
Making fruit punch - doubling the recipe

Capacity Fun

We are learning about capacity - how much liquid or how many objects fit inside something.

Yesterday, we made lemonade using measurements of ml (millilitres) and cups. We had a recipe to follow but our challenge was to halve the recipe!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Where the Wild Things Are

We read the book Where the Wild Things Are and decided to write our own Wild Things adventures.

We are learning about onomatopoeia - words that make the sound of an object or the action an object does. e.g. meow for cat, stomp stomp for grumpy footsteps.

Can you see where we have used onomatopoeia in our stories?

Author Jasmine wrote:

Thump ! Thump ! Slam goes my bedroom door. I was so made when mum locked me in my room without supper. Suddenly, there was sprouts coming out of my furry carpet. They got bigger and bigger until they became a jungle where the wild things are. Bang ! Bang ! Crash ! The wild things are coming but I will stop them with my magic trick and then I will be made the Queen of the jungle. Hahahaha ! This will be a piece of cake. The wild things are my servants and I told them what to do. Let the royal rumpus begin and make your loudest roar and your meanest face. They were dancing. I got sleepy so I went to sleep and when I woke up everything changed back to normal. Has that happened to you before?

Author Caitlin wrote:

Stomp ! I stomped off to my bedroom feeling very angry with my brother because I was fighting with him and he scratched me. Whack ! went my door as I slammed it shut behind me and leapt onto my bed. Suddenly, I saw green grass growing through my carpet. After the grass came tonnes of giant brown trees that started shooting up from the carpet. Then, I saw 8 huge feet coming towards me and 8 yellow eyes staring at me so I tried to find a place to hide. Then I had a perfect idea. I jumped into a tree and they followed me. I realised they were nice so we started to play hide and go seek. We were having heaps of fun. I wasn't that angry anymore after that. I smelt the yummy smell of cottage pie so I closed my eyes and opened them again and everything had vanished. I wonder who the wild things will visit next?

Author Hannah wrote:

Thump ! Thump ! Thump ! went my heavy feet on the way to my bedroom. I slammed the door hard, got my torch and my chapter book and crawled under the bed. Then, slowly I lifted my eyes from my chapter book and looked out from under my bed. I saw gorse shoots coming from the carpet creeping all around the wall. I was certain it was gorse because it was spiky. Suddenly, I saw a wild looking creature peeking out from behind the gorse. The creature pulled my hand and danced around the trees and then I had a game of Bop It and I focussed on Bop It so much the creatures disappeared and my room was back to normal. I was hungry so I sprinted out of my room to get some food. While I was eating I wondered if I would see the creature again.

Author Zack wrote:

Grumble! Grumble! went my feet down the hallway. Suddenly, I stopped and I heard a sound and I ran to my room. I opened my door and all I saw was stars and planets. I stopped and thought, then I realised I was in the wilderness. I glanced into the distance and I saw a wolf howling into the night sky. Then, a wild thing jumped from planet to planet and smashed on the ground then he picked me up and took me to the rumble ceremony. He roared, "Let the ceremony begin." Then, he threw me up but when I came down there was no one to catch me. I landed down onto my bed. I was back in my room and there was dinner waiting for me. It was just a dream. Have you ever had a dream like that?

Market Day

Thank you to all the wonderful children in Rooms 11 and 14. You all worked so very hard to make some amazing products, a market stall and an advertising campaign.

What great buddies we have in Room 11 too.

It was great fun today at our school market day.

PRIDE Recipient

This weeks PRIDE recipient is Balin.

Balin received his PRIDE award for be an amazing role model of Parkvale PRIDE and always doing his personal best in all his learning. Well done, Balin.

Mini Wiches by Room 11 and Room 14

You have worked so hard Rooms 11 and 14. Your video is awesome!